About us

About us

We deliver clean energy

Solar or wind

We were one of the first ERC-accredited solar panel installers in the country and we proud of the fact that we are still leading the way in everything that we do. We offer solar panels, wind turbines and solar thermal to homes and businesses all over Kenya We have always been driven by a passion for bringing clean, green, renewable energy to as many people and businesses as we possibly can. We are doing this because we know that there are millions of businesses, home owners and communities who would like us to help reduce their energy bills and be a part of the solution to climate change. Solar is an important part of that solution. We are on an exciting journey towards a renewable energy powering Kenya and east Africa and we really hope you will join us on that journey.


Is core of our company

Our strategy values our customers and aims to provide the highest-quality products that deliver customer requirements. We work in partnership with our clients to understand their needs. This in turn drives innovation, engineering and the implementation of various quality improvements in the organisation. Together, we will work assiduously to develop and maintain a competent, skilful and committed workforce that delivers Tegemeo quality values. Driven by our clients’ need for the best quality, we have continually reviewed and improved the quality of our products since our inception. Through our commitment to innovation, we have consistently made engineering changes and quality assurance improvements. Ultimately, we have advanced and so have our products.

About us

We are customer-focused which drives responsiveness, flexibility and innovation in our company. We deliver engineer-to-order renewable energy solutions that provide superior value and competitiveness for our customers. With Tegemeo Electricals as your RE partner you are in safe hands for the system installation but just as importantly the after care, warranty and support for the life time of your RE system.

Our offer

  • Custom solar PV energy solutions
  • Custom solar water heating solutions
  • Wind power stand alone or solar hybrid
  • Power Back up