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We are driven by our clients’ need for the best quality, we have continually reviewed and improved the quality of our products since our inception. Through our commitment to innovation, we have consistently made engineering changes and quality assurance improvements. Ultimately, we have advanced and so have our products. We insist on supplying products and services that always meet or exceed the specifications and expectations of our customers. Quality management drives our operation and business.

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At Tegemeo Electricals, we make the process of ordering and installation of renewable energy system as smooth as possible and we'll keep you informed at all stages. The industry is strictly regulated by the guidelines and procedures laid down by the ERC (Energy regulatory commission), and as accredited members, we adhere to them religiously. Our success in the industry is testimony to our great customer service and quality systems. After all, a large portion of our business comes from recommendations and referral from satisfied customers. From our initial site visit through to complete installation and system commissioning we take care of you every step.

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